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Use Cases

WiseRef for stock broker affiliates

Every webmaster who works with stock brokers such as eToro, Plus500, Interactive Brokers know how strictly regulated the industry is, and that raises various challenges to affiliates who are working hard to drive traffic on CPA or CPC basis. The most common challanges:

One parter brand, multiple jurisdictions and landing pages.

Operating within a regulated stock broker environment calls for tailoring user experiences based on geographical location. However, the task of developing and maintaining separate geo-routing solutions for each website can be a significant drain on valuable technical resources.

WiseRef provides a savvy solution with its Smart Link Routing function. Instead of channeling resources into individually managing this functionality, WiseRef allows you to handle all geo-routing in one central location. This is not just a time-saver; it’s a practical, resource-efficient approach that simplifies the management of affiliate links.

Wasted Clicks When Primary Broker is Not Available in Certain Geographies

In certain scenarios, the primary broker you are endorsing may not be available in some regions. This could result in wasted clicks and potential losses of conversion opportunities. WiseRef’s solution to this problem is the Fallback Pages feature.

With this tool at your disposal, you can specify alternative broker offers that serve as substitutes when the primary offer isn’t accessible. This ensures that users are always redirected to an available offer, maximizing every click’s potential to convert, irrespective of geographic limitations.

CPC Publisher Programs Requires Accurate Reporting on Clicks

In Cost-Per-Click (CPC) publisher programs, your success hinges on the reliability and accuracy of your click reporting. This is a vital aspect that should not be left to chance, as it forms the foundation of your billing and revenue generation.

WiseRef’s Advanced Reporting Capabilities provide the solution. Our robust reporting and analytics offer comprehensive, real-time insights into your clicks and associated revenue, ensuring you’re always on top of your performance data. With accurate reporting at your fingertips, you can confidently vie for the best CPC deals, assured in the knowledge that your click data is both precise and dependable.